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by nutshell
Thu Aug 27 2009
Forum: C/C++/C# Community
Topic: "Text" attribute don't show the same as searched for...
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"Text" attribute don't show the same as searched for...

Hi, I'm currently testing the PDF Creator ActiveX 4.0 (eval version) component and I'm using the "search" method to locate objects and then display it's "Text" attribute. The thing that puzzles me is that when I search for the string "ABCD", the Text attribute displays ...
by nutshell
Wed Aug 26 2009
Forum: Power Builder Community
Topic: PB Syntax problem?
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PB Syntax problem?

Hi guys, I trying to use the GetObjectXY() method, but can't get any usable results. I'm using an existing pdf file for my tests, so I don't know the actual locations of objects, therefore I work my way thrugh the whole page as: oleobject o int pWidth, pLength pWidth = ole_pdfcreactivex.object.PageW...