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PDF Converter Desktop Edition: What's New

New Features
  • Microsoft certified Windows 7 and Windows 8 PDF printer
  • Fully redesigned Postscript parser improves the speed and accuracy of Postscript and EPS conversion
    - Added the ability to do direct Postscript to PDF conversion without the use of a printer driver
  • JBIG2 compression of Black and White images directly through the printer driver
    - Removes the need for re-processing PDF files to apply JBIG2
  • Plus a number of improvements and new features that were developed in the past two years

The Amyuni PDF Converter is a virtual printer driver that quickly converts documents from any Windows® application to PDF.

Hassle-free Distribution
Whether installed on one or several workstations, deploying the Amyuni PDF Converter is hassle-free and because it is Microsoft-certified, Windows system compatibilities are a non-issue.

Simple and Intuitive
The Amyuni PDF Converter’s simple interface enables you to quickly convert documents to PDF. Without unnecessary or complicated options, you can spend more time converting documents and less time configuring software.

Low-cost Licensing and Quality Technical Support
Compared to the high licensing costs of popular PDF converters or the lack of support for many open-source alternatives, the Amyuni PDF Converter is uniquely positioned. Its low-cost licensing options are advantageous not only for single end-users, but also for large corporate distributions.

And with easy-to-reach North American technical support services, any questions you may have about the Amyuni PDF Converter are just a call away.

Easy to distribute, easy to use, and competitively priced, we invite you to explore the Amyuni PDF Converter.

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