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PDF Creator for ActiveX: What's New

New Features
  • Use DirectX as a rendering engine in addition to GDI, GDI+ and XPS
    - DirectX provides improved rendering for remote desktop services
  • Support for gestures and touch screens under Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
  • Export of PDF documents to HTML5 format including support for form fields
  • Direct support for opening Postscript and EPS files through the PDF Creator library
    - Includes an advanced Postscript 3 engine to render .ps and .eps files and resave to PDF format
  • Improved performance of JBIG2 compression and decompression engine reduces the processing time of PDF documents
  • Redaction feature enables developers to remove sensitive information from PDF documents in a quick and secure way
  • Improved fidelity of modified PDF documents through:
    - Precise positioning of objects in the output PDF, no rounding errors
    - Resaving objects and images using their original color spaces without converting to RGB
  • Added the ability to OCR an area of a page rather than the full page
  • Plus a number of improvements and new features that were developed in the past two years

Check our full list of features to discover the full capabilities of PDF Creator 5.0.

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