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DevTouch: Maintenance

1-Year Warranty

The DevTouch Pro comes with a 1-year warranty and with it, developers know they can receive:

  • Canadian-made tablets manufactured under strict quality controls.
  • Quick replacement of a defective DevTouch Pro tablet or any of its components.
  • The Amyuni Technologies' commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The goal of mobile applications is their deployment onto trusted hardware platforms. That is why Amyuni Technologies had the DevTouch Pro CSA-certified* from the start so that product managers can:

  • Sell and distribute their mobile devices to North American markets.
  • Reach large North American distributors who cannot carry a product without CSA certification.
  • Show that their mobile devices are made according to the safety standards of the country or countries they intend to reach.
  • Comply with the safety requirements of specific industries.

*Certification Pending.

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