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  • Amyuni PDF Creator 6.0 for UWP (Universal Windows Platform) is the second release for the Microsoft UWP platform. It enables developers to use the same codebase on Windows phones, tablets and PCs.

    The library is provided as a Visual Studio Extension SDK for easy integration and management of all the supported CPU architectures.

    PDF Creator for UWP shares the same codebase as PDF Creator ActiveX and PDF Creator .Net and follows the same version numbers. 

  • New in v6.0

    • Generate PDF 2.0 compliant files in addition to PDF 1.3 to 1.7
    • Produce smaller PDF files with the use of compressed XRefs and compressed PDF objects
    • New JavaScript interpreter allows processing of more complex PDF forms containing JS scripts
    • New DOCX export module enables saving PDF files to editable Word© format
    • New 256-color compression algorithm reduces image size and improves compression quality
    • Plus a number of other rendering and security enhancements which have been gradually introduced in the past two years

  • Main Features

    • Edit and print PDF documents programmatically without any user interaction
    • Create PDFs that comply with the PDF/A-1 and PDF/A-3 ISO Standard while embedding your custom XMP metadata
    • Create tagged or structured PDFs as defined by the PDF specs. Structured PDFs are easier to edit and export to other applications
    • Comment and annotate PDFs with sticky notes, highlighters, stamps, lines, frames and more

  • PDF Specific Features

    • Support for a wide range of PDF files such as the PDF 1.7 format and compressed XRef tables
    • Resave PDF files into PDF 1.4, 1.5, or PDF/A formats
    • Optimize PDF documents for viewing through the Web, also known as PDF Linearization
    • Compression of images, graphics, and text heavily reduces the size of the resulting PDF file
    • Load, create, and view layered PDFs
    • Load FDF documents that contain data associated with a main PDF document
    • Access to the internal PDF file structure through a comprehensive class architecture
    • Add custom metadata to the XMP metadata stream of a PDF
    • Add and extract attachments to and from PDF files
    • Preserve fidelity of modified PDF documents through:
      - Precise positioning of objects in the output PDF
      - Resaving objects and images using their original color spaces
    • Logging capabilities ensure detailed detection and warning of errors during PDF processing

  • Text and Font Features

    • Unicode and CID font embedding enable support for a wide range of fonts including Asian (CJK) fonts
      • Support for OpenType®, TrueType® and Type1 fonts to ensure perfect portability
      • Ability to specify the location of external character maps (CMAPs)
    • Text anti-aliasing improves on-screen document legibility (requires font installation on client PC)
    • Search/Replace capabilities from the user-interface or programmatically
    • Ability to do paragraph editing with reflow
      • Needed due to the nature of PDF files that are otherwise not easily editable
    • Enhanced text editing operations such as highlighting and automatic text resizing

  • Graphics Features

    • Support for reading and writing multiple image compression formats such as JBIG2, JPEG2000, JPEG, CCITT, TIFF, PNG and GIF
    • Direct support for opening Postscript and EPS files through the PDF Creator library
      - Includes an advanced Postscript 3 engine to render .ps and .eps files and resave to PDF format
    • Support for transparencies and alpha-blending techniques
    • Render a page or parts of a page to a device context controlled by the calling application
    • Export PDF files into XAML in order to integrate with Silverlight controls
    • Export PDF documents to a wide range of formats such as XPS, Excel, HTML, RTF, TXT, TIFF, JPEG or BMP
      • Specify a range of pages or export the whole document
    • Export of PDF documents to HTML5 format including support for form fields

  • Viewing and Editing Features

    • Support for gestures and touch screen operations
    • Area zooming and panning capabilities
    • Enhanced functions for adding, inserting, deleting, and moving pages
      • Move one or multiple pages within a document or to another document
      • Thumbnail panel provides a preview of the pages with drag/drop capabilities
    • View and create bookmarks using the bookmarks panel with drag and drop capabilities
    • Automatic generation of hyperlinks and bookmarks by analyzing document content
    • Ability to open a PDF document as a background or template for the main document

  • Printing Features

    • Print a single page to multiple sheets or multiple pages to a single sheet
    • Rotate and scale pages during printing
    • Print a selection of page or the complete document with or without prompting the user
    • Select paper tray options depending on the media type assigned to a page
    • Create a single print job from multiple PDFs
    • Preview documents using the “Print Preview” report state

  • Performance Features

    • Optimized processing of PDF files containing large graphics
      • Delayed loading of JPEG and PNG images until they are required. This improves performance and memory usage during document processing
    • Low memory consumption during the processing of large numbers of pages
      • Sophisticated page caching algorithm ensures that only a predefined number of pages remains in memory even when the document is modified
      • Saving documents page by page allows developers to create very large documents without overflowing memory
    • Reduced output file size through high page compression and small embedded font size

  • Security Features

    • Redaction feature enables developers to remove sensitive information from PDF documents in a quick and secure way
    • Prevent the display, modification or printing of PDFs with 40-bit, 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption
    • Ability to remove Metadata or other sensitive information from PDF documents

  • Additional Features

    • Triggering of a number of events such as progress or keyboard events
    • Ability to insert PDF417 barcodes within PDF documents
    • Define your own object types that are completely managed outside of PDF Creator

  • Supported Platforms

    • Windows 10, Windows Phone 10
    • x86, x64 and ARM CPU architectures

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