Error printing PDF document

The Amyuni PDF Creator for Java is a powerful tool designed to enable Java software developers to create and annotate complex documents, and reports while using the standard PDF format.
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Error printing PDF document

Postby bpesner on Thu Dec 21 2006

I am evaluating the java version pf PDF Creator. When I call the print method of an acDocument object I get the following exception:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: There are only 1
pages in this document and page 0 was requested!
at com.amyuni.d.a.d.f(
at com.amyuni.d.a.d.m(
at com.amyuni.d.a.g.print(
at printPDF.main(

I understood that page numbering was 1 based, but of course I'm not specifying a page number at all. I am calling the open and getPageCount methods successfully.

This is probably unrelated, but I am not calling the acPDFComponent.setLicenseKey method. I don't know what to specify for the license key since I am using an evaluation copy of the software.

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Postby Jose on Fri Jan 05 2007


We have just placed an updated version of the PDF Creator for Java on our website which resolves the issues you have described. ... trial.html

Hope this helps?
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